6 new professionals at Cain Lamarre

Uncategorized – published on 12 April 2022

Geneviève Barsalou


Expertise: notary services

A 2015 graduate of the Université de Montréal’s Bachelor of Laws program and a 2017 graduate of the same institution’s Master of Notarial Law program, Me Geneviève Barsalou was admitted to the Chambre des Notaires in April 2017. She then joined the Notarial Services group of the Sept-Îles office, where she did her internship in notarial law and began her career as a notary. She has developed her experiences in many notarial fields, such as commercial financing, dismemberment of property rights, donations, and successions, but especially in wills and mandates of protection, commercial and residential real estate, and non-contentious proceedings. She offers her services in both French and English.

Originally from Montreal, Me Barsalou moved to Charlevoix in 2019 and opted for private practice between two maternity leaves. She then returned to assist in the Sept-Îles office on a remote basis since January 2022.

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Daphnée Drouin

A law graduate from Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Me Daphnée Drouin works in both French and English, and is passionate about youth protection and indigenous law. She was a student in a firm practicing indigenous law, where she also completed her articling for the Barreau. She joins the Val-d’Or Family and Personal Law team.
Me Drouin moved to Nunavik to work for the Director of Youth Protection in early 2018 and remained there until she joined Cain Lamarre in late 2021. During her time in Nunavik, she worked as a human relations officer at the application of measures, as a multi-service manager and as the assistant director. Her extensive experience has allowed her to build relationships with the Inuit communities in Nunavik, where she resided, and deepen her understanding of the application of the Youth Protection Act in Indigenous communities.

Stéphanie Grondin

Expertise:  real estate law | notary services

After obtaining a Bachelor of Law degree, Me Stéphanie Grondin received a graduate degree in notarial law from Université Laval. With her extensive experience, she is a major asset to the Montreal office’s Real Estate Group. She has developed an expertise in real estate law, handling files related to financing and mortgages as well as sales and acquisitions. The notarial services she offers include commercial financing and real estate transactions.

This expert in title examination has many strengths: management, organization, planning and coordination. In addition, she is a strong communicator and team player. Her attention to detail and thoroughness are the hallmarks of a dedicated and energetic professional who is a great listener with genuine empathy. Her favorite motto speaks volumes about her professionalism: anything worth doing is worth doing well.

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Mylène Geoffroy

Mylène Geoffroy completed her law degree at the Université du Québec à Montréal in 2021 after returning to her studies. She has shown great determination. She received the Albert Malouf scholarship from the Fondation de l’UQAM in 2020, awarded by the Department of Legal Sciences for being the best student in the Administrative Litigation course in the same year, the Ténacité scholarship in 2019, and the Fondation Desjardins scholarship in 2018. She also won several awards during her initial studies. Me Geoffroy does not do things halfway.
Me Geoffroy is developing an expertise in disciplinary litigation as well as in administrative law. More specifically, she works on cases involving agricultural, food and fisheries products. Thanks to her team spirit, Me Geoffroy is a major asset to the Montreal office’s Litigation Group. Her efficiency, her sense of analysis and synthesis, and her great thoroughness are the professional traits for which she is most recognized. In addition to communicating well, she has a global vision and a sense of duty that combined carry her further in her work. Her humane and genuine approach and ability to make the most of the resources at her disposal make her an outstanding lawyer.

Josyane Dupont-Bélanger
Accountant CPA, Tax Advisor

Expertise: taxation

Originally from Rouyn-Noranda, Mme Josyane Dupont-Bélanger completed a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 2014 as well as a graduate diploma in accounting in 2015 at the Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue. She obtained her Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation in 2015. Having a keen interest in taxation, she pursued her studies for a master’s degree in taxation at the Université de Sherbrooke in 2016-2017.
Before joining Cain Lamarre’s tax group in Rouyn-Noranda, Mme Dupont-Bélanger worked for a major accounting firm in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Over the years, she has undoubtedly developed solid expertise in taxation, more specifically with private companies and their shareholders. Her field of practice is mainly focused on tax reorganizations during business transfers, whether in the context of family succession, the integration of new shareholders or the purchase and sale of businesses. She also has extensive expertise in professional incorporations.
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Audrey Campbell

A 2017 graduate of the University of Sherbrooke, Me Campbell has developed an expertise mainly in labour and employment law. During her undergraduate studies, she opted for the cooperative system, alternating study sessions with internship sessions in companies, allowing her to acquire invaluable experience.
After three years working for a firm in the Sherbrooke area, Me Campbell joined the Cain Lamarre team in 2021, where she advises employers on individual and collective employment matters, the interpretation and negotiation of collective agreements, the drafting of contracts, rights and freedoms issues, and the principles of loyalty and non-competition. Her practice also extends to civil litigation for all types of appeals. In addition, she has lectured at several training sessions on labour and employment law.
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