Personal and family law

  • Fundamental rights and freedoms
  • Ethics, care, and institutional care
  • Mandate in case of incapacity
  • Protection plans
  • Estates
  • Wills
  • Separation and divorce
  • Common-law spouses
  • Child custody and access
  • Support payments
  • Division of property rights
  • Adoption
  • Filiation
  • Youth protection

Cain Lamarre has a team of professionals experienced in personal law who handle cases dealing with protective supervision plans (tutorship to a minor, advisor, tutorship, curatorship for persons of legal age), institutional care while awaiting or further to psychiatric evaluation, authorization to provide care for patients who categorically refuse it, filiation, adoption, youth protection, personal rights, and successions. They are always available to guide you through the difficult task of determining how best to care for people in need.

The family lawyers and notaries at Cain Lamarre have expertise covering every legal aspect of separation, divorce, marriage annulment, child custody, support payments, family patrimony, property division, and matrimonial regimes. Our ultimate goal is to seek the best possible solution with the greatest respect for your rights, interests, and needs. That’s why we make it our duty to listen carefully to you and understand your specific situation. We make a point of creating an environment of trust and remaining strictly objective as we guide you through this important stage in your life.