Title : Lawyer Year of call : 2019

Expertise : litigation | real estate law

Hotline: 873 381-2049

Originally from Trois-Rivières, Me Odile Adams completed her bachelor's degree at Laval University's Faculty of Law in 2017. During her university years, she had the opportunity to complete an internship with the Superior Court Judiciary as a result of her excellent academic record.

Admitted to the Quebec Bar in 2019, she joined the Cain Lamarre team the same year, after interning at a boutique law firm in the Quebec City area.

Me Adams practices mainly in civil litigation. She is particularly knowledgeable in latent defects, neighbourhood disturbances, and easements and rights of way.

Ambitious, hard-working, persevering and always smiling, Me Adams is always attentive and ready to help others. She demonstrates professionalism and thoroughness, and for her, the relationship of trust with clients is of the utmost importance. In the daily management of her mandates, she prioritizes the quality of her writing and ensures the accuracy of her analyses.

In addition to law, Me Adams is interested in cooking, fashion and the outdoors, and is committed to environmental and mental health causes.

Assistant: Jasmine Rondeau


  • Litigation
  • Real Estate Law


  • Bachelor of Laws, Université Laval (2017)

Professional experience

  • Cain Lamarre (2019 to present)

Lecturing, conferences, publications

  • Training on psychological harassment at work (2019)

Associations, committees, boards

  • Litigation Committee
  • Member of the Val-d’Or Rotary Club (previously)


  • Honour Roll, Faculty of Law, Université Laval (2018)